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MMS Chicago: The Now Economy
July 25th, 2017
Chicago, IL
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Romi Dexter

Romi Dexter

Director & Co-Founder - Hype & Dexter

I started my career in digital in 1999 pioneering streaming media in New Zealand with TVNZ and our own in-house production. I then worked headed across the Tasman to design the future of digital media with Telstra, Optus, Microsoft and Apple.

Early on I became obsessed with accessibility and user-centric design approaches, I blended this with strong process and agile delivery to reimagine numerous agency and corporate production teams - enabling them to deliver exceptional digital products and services at scale.

I have led a number of exceptional development, dev ops, marketing, product and creative teams over the last couple of decades. I've driven some of the largest and most successful digital properties in the country.

I'm passionate about delivering results and creating amazing teams. With Hype & Dexter my aim is to take over two decades of experience and learnings to transform our clients' digital capabilities and empower them to compete with the big boys and empower them to drive returns.