Jane Stanley

Jane Stanley

CEO, Hearts & Science - Hearts and Science

I am passionate about leading innovation in the world of marketing and communications. Innovation that leads to an inspiring workplace for internal teams, a rewarding partnership for clients and a profitable business for the overall agency.

With experience spanning all types of marketing agencies (from Brand, to Creative ATL, to Digital, to CRM and to Media), I have been part of marketing leadership teams for the past 12 years.

A strategist originally by trade, I have progressed to leading agency teams across Strategy, Search, Digital Media, UX, Data, Digital Production and Programmatic.

Despite my move into more leadership positions in recent times, I have never lost my passion for the work. Keeping a hands-on role in the development of award winning campaigns (including Cannes, Cristal and Festival of Media). Inspiring great talent to produce outstanding work is what continues to excite me about this industry. I believe if the work and servicing of clients is a top priority, the profitable success will always follow.